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Got Problems? Are you in charge of a grid-locked, complicated location? Are you hoping to reinvent a blighted retail corridor into a modern walkable, sustainable, livable, mixed-use, transit-oriented Activity Center, but struggling with where to get the right-of-way for Complete Streets? Do you have a great community vision, but can't find a way to satisfy your engineers so you can move forward?

We've got Innovation! Innovative, Alternative Intersection styles may be able to help. Metro Analytics specializes in assessing your situation and finding potential solutions that are often compatible with the "Places" the pros are trying to create, while at the same time maintaining if not improving on the function that engineers must satisfy. We also frequently team with many of the world's leading experts in both intersection efficiency and place-making strategies.

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Tell us a little about your situation. Using web-conferencing and Google Earth, together we can take a look at your site and give you some ideas that might work. Also please contact us with comments, suggestions, or for any other reason.

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I want to tag some cool locations. How can I do that? can be used to identify virtually any place on earth, but our aim is to include only those locations that truly have something unique about them that is relevant to urban planning and civil engineering. For example, Roundabouts were once considered new and innovative, but they are so commonplace now that this site is interested only in mapping roundabouts that are unusual or noteworthy. "This was the first roundabout in our city", or "This is a large modern roundabout with four multi-lane entries."
Here are some ideas of places we hope you'll help us find and tell the world about:

At-Grade Intersections: Every site that exists, or is in advanced planning, or at least has conceptual plans for:
Continuous Flow Intersections Bowtie Intersections
Parallel Flow Intersections Double-wide Intersections
Quadrant Roadway Intersections Superstreet Intersections
Town Center Intersections

Freeway and Arterial Interchanges: Every site that exists, or is in advanced planning, or at least has conceptual plans for:
Diverging Diamond Interchanges Continuous Flow Interchanges
Echelon Interchanges Freeway interchanges that involve roundabouts
Center Left Turn Overpasses
Michigan Urban Diamond

Designs accepted with special conditions:
Roundabouts with unusual characteristics (one of first few in your area, train or roaway runs through center, designed for very high volumes, exceptionally beautiful). You decide, but help us avoid cluttering the map with too many roundabouts.
ThrU-Turn Intersections include Median U's, Michigan U's, Bowties, and a few others. Outside of Michigan, we would like every existing or planned site. Inside Michigan, be judicious.
Single-Point Urban Interchanges were once uncommon, but are now fully main-stream. Tell us which "started the revolution" in your area, but keep it to that.

Crazy or Unusual Places
Mind-boggling Spaghetti Bowls: If you know of any freeway interchange that you don't know how to describe, but it is unusual or it's just a huge tangle of "spaghetti", we want it!

Famous Places
World Fame: Arc de Triumphe, Pyramids, The White House, the Great Wall of China - anything that is truly world-famous
Regional Fame: DuPont Circle in Washington DC, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, etc.

Aesthetic, Artistic, and Great People Places
If you know of locations that are great examples of Transit-Oriented Development, or that look exceptionally artistic and beautiful from an aerial photo, please record those sites in this category.